ARD Lift Power

LIFT Power LP440/ LP 220 Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) for Lift

LIFT Power LP440/ LP 220 is application specially designed High Starting Current type Inverter to operate the LIFT in Emergency Mode to rescue the passenger in Power fail condition.


  • Suitable for Auto Door /Manual Door Lift.
  • Starting Current of 300% of rated  Current  for High Starting Torque Requirement.
  • Automatic shut down to prevent unnecessary Battery Usage.
  • Modified PWM technique for Pure Sine wave output with Power Efficient Low On Resistance MOSFET based design.
  • SMPS based 5-STEP Battery Charging.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 380VAC-475VAC.
  • Automatic Battery Charging Cut off.
  • Protection against deep discharge of Battery.
  • Status Indications on LCD / LEDs.
  • Available up to 20 H.P. Motor Rating.


Supply Voltage

380VAC-475VAC,50 Hz. ,3-PHASE ,4 WIRE
Supply Current As per Rating
Voltage Control Type Pure Sine Wave Out Put
Output Voltage 220 V-270 V +/- 5%. 1-PHASE  OR 440 V +/- 5%., 2-PHASE
Output Frequency 50 Hz +/- 1%.
Transfer Time UPS 10 ms. (typ)/ Change Over 4 Seconds.
Efficiency 85 %.
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C